Current Inventory

The following are the DEC computers that I currently have.  I'm trying to keep a running diary on each of them as to what I've been doing with them and what the current configuration is and its operational state.  These pages get updated frequently.

PDP-8/e     Added 3/21/2003

PDP-8/i     Added 7/27/2003

PDP-8/L     Added 12/08/2003

KL-10          Updated 6/14/2003

PDP-11/03  (No Picture Yet)     Updated 1/23/2003 

PDP-11/04 (No info yet)  New 2/21/2003

PDP-11/10 Updated 3/2/2003

PDP-11/20 Updated 5/19/2003

PDP-11/23 New 1/20/2003

PDP-11/24  (No Info Yet)  New 2/21/2003


PDP-11/40  Updated 8/2/2003

PDP-11/45Updated 6/14/2003

PDP-11/70  New 8/3/2003

 Misc Hardware Page     Updated 6/14/2003